The Liar Society Blog Tour of Awesome: Interview with Lisa & Laura!

How is it like working with your sister?
Lisa: Ask Laura.
Laura: Um, it's great, really great. Lisa is totally supportive of all my ideas. She's not bossy or anything. It's super-fun. Pretty much the best time ever.

Can you give us three words that describe your book?
Lisa: Mysterious, fun
Laura: and edgy. Definitely edgy.
Lisa: *snorts* Uh, no, we're not edgy. Snarky. We'll say snarky.

Kate is one totally kick butt leading lady who I completely adore! Do either of you find yourself in her or any other of your characters?
Lisa: Kate's voice is totally our voice a few times over. She's who we wish we could have been in high school.
Laura: One of the biggest challenges as a writer is establishing a new voice for each lead character. We're learning, but it definitely takes time.

What three words best describe Kate? How about Kate's ghostly BFF Grace?
Kate is...
Lisa: Brave
Laura: Funny
Lisa: Determined

Grace was...
Laura: Free-spirited
Lisa: Loving
Laura: Flirtatious

Was there any particular character that you both enjoyed writing the most?
Lisa: I'll answer for both of us because Seth wins by a landslide. He was so entertaining to write and Laura and I would always try to one-up eachother with our little Seth-isms. He's one of our favorites.

Did you guys have a playlist you would listen to while writing The Liar Society? Could we know a few of the songs?
We still love Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional and it's always reminded us of Kate's quest. That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings would definitely pop up in a movie version and Laura loves They by Jem for some reason.

What inspired you two to write The Liar Society?
Lisa: I lost someone very tragically a few years ago. Every so often I would send off an email to his account with random thoughts or updates about the kids. In The Liar Society, Kate does the same thing after Grace dies. The only difference is, Grace writes back.

Is there any other writing projects that you two are working on?
Lisa: The Liar Society is the first book in a series. We're hoping that people like Kate enough to want more because there's always book two.
Laura: We're also working on a couple other new series ideas that have been rolling around in our collective brains. We're having so much fun with them and we hope they see the light of day at some point!

Do you only plan to write with each other? Or is there any solo projects we should look out for in the future?
Lisa: Laura's gearing up to write a solo, super-edgy, exotic thriller she's had in the works for years.
Laura: Lisa's thinking about breaking into the picture book market. She's a super-talented artist.
Lisa: Yeah, we're kidding.
Laura: At this point, we write best as a team. But hey, you never know...I do kind of have a dirty mind.

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Audi, Vide, Tace,

Thank you so much Lisa and Laura! You guys totally rock!
That interview, definitely left me wishing that I had a sister!

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  1. Haha, what a fun interview! Lisa and Laura sound like really great people. :)

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    Great interview! I love these two chicks and what great questions you offered up!

    I'm definitely a Dashboard Confessional fan and think that Kate fit the song perfectly!!

  3. I am trying to win this contest. Cute interview!

  4. What a cute and wonderful interview. You asked some great questions Katie, and got great answers in return. Thanks for the lovely interview.