In My Mailbox (24)

Hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren

It's official, the world as we know it is coming to an end... I didn't buy any books for In My Mailbox this week.
Although, I'm actually quite proud of myself for resisting the temptation of booky-goodness! I even went to Borders and came out with nothing in hand -pats self on back- Lately I've been catching up on review copies and books that are on my shelves. (I know it's about time I did so!)
I was going to make a video, but I figured it be the most boring video known to mankind since it'd be literally about nothing... Okay it probably would have been me squealing about getting V.I.P. tickets to my all time favorite band, The Maine's concert at the House of Blues. Which of course has nothing to do with books (but totally made my week. No, wait, it made my life! Ha!)

I'll be back next week with my birthday book haul! Hope you all are having an awesome weekend!



  1. Wow, you have some amazing self-control to actually be able to go into Borders and leave with nothing. Impressive.

    Congrats on awesome concert tickets! I bet it will be a blast!

  2. Congrats on having some self control. I will be looking forward to next week to see what you get. You can see my IMM here

  3. Good job for resisting tempation!! I have to do that a lot. lol! Looking forward to your birthday post!

  4. Ahh! Maine tickets! I'd kill for some of those. Hope you enjoy the show (I'm sure you will).
    Happy reading. (:

  5. Still shocked about this! lol
    Congrats on getting the tickets!