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-Delirium (Delirium 1) by Lauren Oliver
-Vesper (Deviants 1) by Jeff Sampson


Lauren & Katie's 18th Birthday Extravaganza!

Crazy Katie


  1. Seeing you get all happy over your copy of Delirium made me laugh! :D I have to admit.. I haven't read it. But it's on my wishlist!!! (so please don't hit me :P) the book looks.. shiny! *eyes all the shinyness*

    And I love the cover of Vesper, too! Looking forward to reading what you think of it :)

    Happy reading!!

  2. Katie you are too cute!!! loved your vlog, and i totally think Delirium is soo much prettier in person! i saw it at the bookstore and i was all like 'wow, those covers on the internet sooo doesn't do the book justice!'

  3. *L0L* I love your IMMs! I'll have to check out Vesper, I don't remember looking it up before...

    I sooo want Delirium!!! So pretty too :0)

  4. AWH! Yeah I agree with Jai! I freakin' love your IMMs! :) I need to go get those books - BUT I CAN'T! My TBR pile is going to eat me up! *__* LOL!

    Totally looking forward to your extravaganza! Can't wait!

  5. I got Vesper this week too, and I'm super excited to read it! I need to get Delirium like STAT cuz I've heard so many amazing things about it! Happy Reading Katie, oh and I added the 18th bday celebration button to my blog. It's in the middle on the right! :) Have a great week!

  6. I'm still waiting for my Delirium. As soon as I get it I'm reading it haha.

    You are so funny! Just you're ecstasy lol!

  7. I'm still waiting for my Delirium. As soon as I get it I'm reading it haha.

    You are so funny! Just you're ecstasy lol!

  8. I loved DELIRIUM and can't wait to read Vesper! :)

  9. I cannot wait to get Delirium on Tuesday! I keep seeing it in the stores and the finished cover is gorgeous! I also love that the hardcover is all cool and decorated. I've never seen another book cover like it.

  10. Woah. Delirium is soo much prettier in person. I love that cover, it's so beautiful. I need to have it on my shelf now, seriously. Katie, I love your IMM Vlog's. They always make me smile, and think of coffee.

    Happy Reading

    -Hale ( Hale & Salvatore Supernatural Must Reads)

  11. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you managed to get Delirium! It's a bummer that you didn't get to meet Lauren, though. :(

    Vesper is very good, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)

    Also, I was totally grinning like an idiot at your shout-out. You are too sweet, Katie! <3

  12. I can't wait to read Delirium! I have it on hold at my library, but I think it'll be at least a few weeks to a month before I actually get it.

    Happy reading!

  13. DELIRIUM IS SO GORGEOUS!!!! GAH! I didn't know it was shiny like that. Love it. :)

  14. I've got Delirium on its merry way to my house too and can't wait to dive into it. I've heard such great things! Hope you enjoy Vesper! The first line got me too.

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  15. Yay!! Delirium!
    I am seriously going crazy waiting for mine to come in the mail. Gah can't wait to get it and re-read it!

    And yay for yours and Lauren's birthday!
    Can't wait for all the awesomeness you two have planned.

    And I this has nothing to do with your IMM, but I have to ask. Your buttons are so cool, how did you make them because I'm still totally stuck on how to do that.

  16. LMAO "Its like death out there.."

    btw, your pi*sing me off with all of the awesome books you're getting. lol :)

    Like Delirium , I think that is the only 'non - paranormal' book out in the world that I actually want.

    Love your vlogs! &Have fun reading.

    -Sal (Hale&Salvatore's Supernatural Must Reads) < you know, just in case you know another 'salvatore' lol, - i crack myself up.

  17. Ii really can't wait to read Delirium !! It seems awesome !!! I can't wait for your birthday extravaganza !! It's going to be GREAT !! You rock Katie ;)

  18. I love the chapter font! l really think you miss out in some ways when read on a e book reader!
    l hate how book shops aren't careful with their books! ¬¬

  19. I can't wait to read Delirium and Vesper!!

    Happy Reading :)

  20. I wish I could have my own copy of Delirium. I think I am going to order it with the help of my friend.


  21. Hey Ivng.books! Aw I'm glad I could make you laugh! You SO NEED to read it!! :D
    Hi Audrey! Thank you <3 I agree the internet can't even begin to show how beautiful Delirium is!
    Hey Jai! Aw thank you!
    Hi Momo! Thank you! <3
    Hi Shannon! You really do need to read Delirium! So amazing! YAY thank you so much for adding the button!
    Hey Jessica! YES! GO BEARS! :P
    Hi Braiden! I hope you get it soon!
    Hey Miss Remmers! I'm so happy you loved Delirium too!
    Hi Kate!! I can't wait for you to get it! I haven't seen anything like it either! So pretty!
    Hey Akasha! It really is!
    Hi Lauren!! Aww yay! I'm so happy that made you smile! <3
    Hey Kelly! Ooo I hope you get it soon! Hurry library! haha!
    Hey Juila! Me neither! I flipped when I saw that it was!
    Hi AJ! Thanks! I hope you enjoy Delirium :)
    Hey Jessica! I hope you get it soon! Ooo! Aw thanks, we can't wait either!
    Oh it's super easy! I'll twitter you :)
    Hi Lexus! LOL it really was! Aww you know you love me ;) haha!
    Hey Elodie!! Aww thanks Elodie! You MUST tell me what you think of Delirium!
    Hi Books for Company! Oh I totally agree! I wish they'd have it on the ereaders!
    Hey Hannah! Such great books! Thanks!
    Hi Aleetha!! You must get one! So Amazing! :)

  22. Awesome books! I HAVE to buy Delirium! And yes, the cover is sooo beautiful! :)

  23. Amazing vlog, I love it! Ooh Delirium is so so so good. (: I need to do the same and buy myself a copy to keep. Happy reading!