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Katy from Vision Quest Fail

What is the book you are currently 'pushing'? (Pushing being trying to get someone to read it).
Well there is two at the moment. Since I am a proud member of the PD Mafia I'd have to say Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers because it is just totally amazing! If you haven't read it go read it now!! The second is Delirium by Lauren Oliver because her writing is incredible and it's just an all around flawless book.

Book Blogger Hop
What are you reading now and why are you reading it?
Right now I'm reading Entice by Carrie Jones which is book 3 in the Need Series. I got it in the mail back in December from Bloomsbury for review so I'm reading it so I can get some reviews for them done. Also I absolutely couldn't wait to find out what is going to happen next, I was a big fan of book 1!

Crazy Katie


  1. I can't wit to read Delerium, I keep hearing such great things about it! I'm also a new follower.

  2. I forgot that I never read Need and want to! I think I'll go pick it up :) Hopping by!

  3. Hello Katie! Happy Friday and have a great weekend :)

  4. I am reading Delirium right now, I just started it last night and am 50 pages in, thinking about reading it at work HAHAH. I have Entice too, but haven't gotten around to reading it.

    I LOOOOOVE your blog, very cute!! Happy Friday! I am a new follower. :-) ♥

    Here's my FF and BBH

  5. Not a new follower, LOL I meant to say Old follower. LOL :-) Need more coffee!

  6. I just finished Entice and I enjoyed it. Hope you do too!

    I'm a new follower from the hop. Happy Friday!


  7. I bought Personal Demons and it's sitting at the top of my TBR list! Hopefully I can get to it soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. The cover of Entice makes me think of Ke$ha. :)

    Gorgeous blog, I love it! Happy Blog Hop!

  9. Hello! Just stopping by to say hi since it's Follow Friday! I loved Delirium and think that the finished cover is awesome. Have a good weekend! :-)

  10. Hopping by :) Hope you're having a good weekend!

  11. Hi Kayla! Thank you! I hope you love Delirium!
    Hey Amanda! Awesome! Need is great!
    Hi Savannah! Thanks! Happy Friday!
    Hi Terra Mae! Thank you so, so much! Delirium is just so amazing!
    Thanks Aimee!
    Hi Book Nerds! I can't wait for you to read Personal Demons! Thanks! Have a great weekend too!
    Hi Nikola! OMG yes! It really does! LOL Thank you!!
    Hey Kate! I adore the finished cover too! So pretty! Thanks! Have an awesome weekend too! :)
    Thanks Small Review! Have a great weekend :)

  12. Hopping through. I just got Personal Demons and can't wait to read it.
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  13. Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

    New follower :)


  14. Your layout is so cute!! I wish I was talented enough to know how to make mine look so good!!!

    I've heard SO MUCH about Delirium these past few days! I have it on my TBR List. It may just be the next book I buy, or get from the Library!

    P.s. I'm hopping by via the hop!! I'm now a follower and look forward to reading more posts by you! Hope to see you around my blog!

    Stephany @

  15. Stopping by via the Hop! I looove your blog! I've heard so much about Delirium lately, I can't wait to read that.
    I'm your newest follower :)