Book Blogger Interview: Kreag from I Devour Books

Kreag from I Devour Books was nice enough to do an interview with Call Me Crazy! Check it out!


Hi Katie! Thanks so much for having me on the blog for an interview! It will be great to see what everyone thinks of me and the blog!

What inspired you to start a young adult book blog?
Well, I am a part of my local libraries teen council. We plan all of the activities that go on for the children and teens from town. So we decided to start a book club (it was my idea :)) where we could just talk about whatever we are reading. So when the first one happened, another member who is now in college said she had a book reviewing blog. She no longer blogs, but she had said I should start a blog becuase I apparently had a lot to say about all the great books I had read in the summer. So, I did.
That's so awesome! I wish my library had a teen council!

What are 3 words that you would use to describe yourself?
Honest, Persistent, Intelligent
Now those are three wonderful qualities to have!

How about 3 words that describe your blog?
Fun, Friendly, Bookish

Are there any upcoming reviews, memes, or events that we can look forward to?
Well, I hope to have my review for Delirium up in the next few days, along with my other ARC reviews coming. I'm trying to fly through the Wicked Lovely series so I can review Darkest Mercy before the release date. I have done a few In my Mailboxes (Yay! I'm going to Borders tomorrow! I can finally do another IMM!) I have been searching around for some more memes to do, but I just haven't had a chance to start any yet, but I am trying to see what I want to do.

Other than reading and blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
Well, I love writing! It is amazing and I want to be a published author so bad! I hope for that to be my career one day, you never know! I also occasionally play video games, mostly RPGs. (I'm a nerd, I accept that :) and I have recently picked up archery. I like to act, I'm in drama club and I am a member of my local libraries Teen Adisory Committee.
Archery!? So awesome!!

What literary character can you relate to the most?
Oh, ah, um, tough question! I wish I could say I was like one of those characters that all the girls swoon over. But I'm not. I'm pretty bookish and smart and not too athletic. My friend said I was like Simon from The Mortal Instruments series, so I guess I'll say Simon! Though I am not a vampire.
I love Simon! Pshh smart and bookish always is better than being athletic any day!

-You recently read Delirium. So I have to ask, what'd you think of it!?
I loved Delirium! It was amazing! The end was so sad, I was crying! I love the characters and everything! The end was fantastic and I can't wait for Pandemonium! I have my review up now!
Yes!!!! So happy you loved it! Pandemonium is WAY too far away!

What's your favorite...


Well, I like anything that will make me die laughing. I love stupid horror movies! They are so stupid yet amazingly entertaining! My favorite would have to be The Descent, which is not a stupid horror movie and the only one that has actually ever scared me. I am wicked claustrophobic so it was pretty terrifying.

TV Show
Actually, I don't watch T.V. I watch something every once in a while like, maybe CSI, but I honestly only watch T.V. like liteally once a month. I use most of my time to read and write!

Well, right now I will have to say either Heavy In Your Arms by Florence and The Machine or Let The Flames Begin by Paramore. They are both so great, I love them both. I also am a big Lady Gaga fan and can'tBold wait for her new album and I love anything she puts out, though she is somewhat odd, in a good way.
Ahhh I love Heavy In Your Arms too!

Oh! I can't choose! Aaaahhhh! I honestly don't know! My all time favorites are Unwind By Neil Shusterman, The Hunger Games Trilogy By Suzanne Collins and The Mortal Instruments By Cassandra Clare. My other favorites are probably Fallen By Lauren Kate or Swoon By Nina Malkin or Shadow Hills By Anastasia Hopcus or Dead Beautiful By Yvonne Woon (I love her name!) or The Hollow by Jessica Verday. Wow. I have way to many there! Sorry you guys! But I could have tortured you with the rest of the list, so be thankful!
Ooo lots of great ones there!!

Wow. I cannot pick a favorite! I really enjoy Lauren Oliver's writing becuase it is so beautiful and meaningful and I love Suzanne Collins for the great world she creates!
Totally agree with you 100%!

"I love you. Remember. They cannot take that."
Delirium by Lauren Oliver

So, thanks again for letting me do a guest interview Katie! It means a lot! I hope you guys all love my blog and the books I talk about! And always feel free to tell me about books that I haven't reviewed that you think I'll like! Bye!

Don't forget to check out Kreag's awesome book blog I Devour Books!

Crazy Katie


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  2. Great interview and goosebumps with that quote! I need to read that book SO badly!

  3. very interesting interview y'all, and the answers are superb. nice :)
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  4. Bahahaha! Great interview and I agree with Kreag anything that makes one die laughing is amazing :D