Aladdin and Blizzards

So I'm sure quite a few of you already have heard, thanks to the continuous news coverage, that Midwest America is getting hit by this huge blizzard. "Biggest one since 1967" they're saying, which is just peachy. I haven't been through a blizzard before, so this is all new to me. I'm not sure if I'll have internet or even electricity for much longer. According to my dad we'll be stranded for weeks... what a drama queen. Anyways, the purpose of this post is just a heads up that if I'm not posting it's due to the snow, not because "I'm done with blogging" or whatever. I'll be back the second I'm able too.

Right now I'm in the process of making a couple of scheduled posts for the next couple days if worst comes to worst they'll be there. I'll also set the comments to publish automatically. So I'm giving you a heads up right now that I'm not trying to get you to buy or enlarge anything it's just spam... sorry!

Here's a blurry picture of what my dad bought (since my mom was at work he was on his own with food buying). While unloading the bags I was laughing out loud! There's just so much wickedly healthy food my dad bought to "stock up in case we don't see the light of day for a month." By the way he's acting you'd swear zombie Apocalypse is coming.

Okay so this part of the post is kind of random (okay this post is all kind of random, but anyways...) This morning, while I was sleeping, my dog supposedly was almost attacked by a hawk. If it wasn't for my dad standing near by my poor baby muffin would be hawk food! So my dad had my google hawks to identify what species it was (yeah, I have no idea why that makes a difference either) and this came up.

I was dying of laughter! I mean really how perfect is this! Yeah it's a fish and not a dog and it has an Aladdin A Whole New World lyric on it but, hey I thought it rocked! Then I realized this could have been Max and not a weird looking fish! Ahh! Now we have to go outside and stand over him while he uhhh... does what he does outside so he doesn't become someone's lunch! Mind you, he's a flipping forty-eight pounds! What was Mr. Hawky thinking?!

Crazy Katie


  1. I think I'd love to meet your dad, Katie! (Or go grocery shopping with him-- I love your in-case-of-zombie -apocalypse food stash!) My mom is always fretting that a hawk is going to snatch our dog from the backyard, but I don't think we ever figured a fish and A Whole New World lyrics into the mix, lol. I love that. Anyway, hope you don't get snowed in, and if you do, hope you don't lose power. :)

  2. Go Dad! What a fab load! Looks like you and the books have some fun ahead of you :)

    I wish you a warm safe snow in :)

  3. I'm in the same blizzard, Katie.

    I live in Chicago.... The winds are INSANE already. I hope we both keep our power.


  4. OMG! If your mom is anything like me, she's gonna flip. Prepare for sugar headaches, Katie.

    Side note: Please post a MOM'S-REACTION-TO-DAD'S-UNHEALTHY-FOOD-PURCHASES update. I'm sure it'll be hilarious.

  5. Haha oh my gosh. The food is hilarious.
    I hope your power doesn't go out. That's only fun if it's only for a couple hours.
    And I agree with Sharde about posting what your mom says about the food.

    Stay safe and warm if you get snowed in!

  6. Awe Katie, I feel so bad for laughing right now... BUT you ARE pretty funny. hehe Annnd! I am totally jealous of your food (does that sound weird?)! Your dad sounds awesome. I miss O-Ke-Doke popcorn & Jays potato chips! lol I always stock up on that when I go up north and visit. We only have Lays here. :(

    But yeah, food aside (lol), I hope you stay safe and warm! And do lots of reading! A blizzard should be the perfect excuse for it. ;)

  7. Hey Kat! Haha you can totally borrow him for grocery shopping! LOL I never thought we'd have to worry about our chubby dog getting snatched! LOL who knew Aladdin related to so much!? haha! Aw thanks Kat!
    Hi Juju! Haha oh yes! That will be the greatest ever! Sweets and books! :D Thanks Juju! :)
    Hey Micheal! Stay warm!
    Hey Sharde! Haha! I already have a headache and I only had some chips and candy! lol! Oh I totally will! She saw the stash and started to yell, but then busted out laughing! lol!
    Hi Jessica! Haha I totally will post that! You're so right about it only being fun for a few hours, and in the day! lol! Thanks Jessica! :)
    Hey Briana!! LOL Why thank you! OMG how can you survive without O-ke-doke!? I'm totally going to send you a care package with that and Jays in it! lol! Aw thanks Briana! :)

  8. DUDE! I love random posts like this :D Random and Funny. And because I am random I am going to tell you my dad just brought me a go-gurt and said hurry and eat it before the boys see it... there were only two left! bahahahah (oe mahahaha if you prefer)

  9. Oh my gosh I literally starting dying of laughter when I saw that "I Can Show You The World" picture and then my brother started giving me a weird look like "You're crazy". XD

  10. I love that picture- I can show you the world, indeed! :D

    I talked to my mom in Chicagoland today and she was was talking about that storm of '67, when my older sister was born and drifts in Chicago (they lived in the city then) were 8 feet high. I told her to prepare for that again, without the newborn.

  11. Hope you'll have enough to eat for a month.
    I saw this hawk/dog thing in The Proposal and thought it was bullshit. Who knew this actually happen in real life?! =O
    Look at that fish's eyes!

    Be careful. Goodluck.

  12. Awesome post, very funny. Hope you and your dad and your dog survive the blizzard, hawk attacks and junk food :)

  13. Hahaha those groceries. My dad is the same way. Grocery shopping for him consists of buying chocolate croissants, bananas, and a single Oh Henry chocolate bar. Then he's always like "I already grocery shopped, why are you going again?"

    Hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong with the weather over where you are! We're having a lot of snow here too at the moment but it's Canada so it's no biggie lol.

  14. At least you will survive with all that food! Funny post Katie! Hope everything is all right for you there!