Top 10 Inspirational Characters

* I tried not to do spoilers, but it may hint towards some.

1. Lena
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
I love Lena. Simple as that. If I have a daughter her name will be Lena. I can't think of a character I would want to be more like. She doesn't sit on the sidelines and wait for things to change, she does something about it. Wanting to break out of the norm and wanting something more is how Lena inspires me most.

2. Maggie
Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles
This girl got hit by a flipping drunk driver and has a permanent lip but somehow pulls off being completely tough. Yeah, she has her ups and downs, but who doesn't? Maggie presses on with life and won't let anything, including herself, stop her.

3. Mia
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Mia's smart, a talented cello player and a loving person. I adore the relationship she has with Teddy and her parents. Her life is filled with troubles and good times. I love that she had the courage to admit life is hard.

4. Hanna
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Yes, Hanna is the second character from Delirium, but seriously this entire book is inspiring. Hanna is this beautifully young rebellious girl who wants so much more out of life. She knows her whole life is ahead of her and she wants a say in where it goes and I love her for that.

5. Lochan
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
I can't say too much without giving things away, but the ending. Yeah... that was true inspiration. Another thing that's inspiring about Lochan is him overcoming his shyness. Believe it or not, I was super super shy when I was younger (okay like last year, but anyways...) I loved watching him come out of his shell and feel comfortable with who he was.

*6. Peeta
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
Peeta isn't just on here because he's a total hottie. Okay, he is but he has a kind and genuine heart. Katniss continuously steps all over poor Peeta's heart, but despite that he wants nothing more than to protect her from harm. I mean he'd even risk his life in the quarter quell so no harm would come to her! He's smart, loving and charming. You just have to love Peeta!

*7. Simon
The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
This guy turns into a vampire! True, he complains some, but seriously I would be ticked off 24/7 if I became a vampire because I was first turned into a rat. Simon has it bad in the luck and love department, but still keeps an optimistic and hilarious outlook.

8. Suze
The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot
Suze doesn't need a guy to protect her, she kicks total butt herself! I love that about her! She's not some stupid bimbo fainting at boys feet, she has strong opinions and respects herself.

*9. Lena's Mom
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
I can't say much, but for those of you who read it, I'll just say... LOVE

10. Hannah
I know what you're thinking she killed herself, how is that inspiring? What she went through for so long is inspiring. Trying to reach out for help is inspiring. Spreading the word of her troubles is inspiring. She got me out of a real bad funk and I'll never be more grateful to her for that. Hannah, you inspire me.

Crazy Katie


  1. You have so many delirium characters. I want to read it even more now. Bad Katie. I do not have enough money to keep buying books! I love Peeta :) He is such a sweetheart, I hope he stays a sweetheart in Mockingjay. I found Hannah from 13 Reasons Why very inspirational too. Definitely inspired me to be better.

  2. Delirium does have some wonderful characters :)
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. Sounds like I really need to read Delirum! I love the name Lena, btw-- reminds me of Lena from the Caster Chronicles, and it's very pretty besides. I like Simon, too-- he's a great sport about all the turned-into-a-rat-and-then-a-vampire-and-then-locked-away-and-nearly-killed-by-Shadowhunters-and-vampires stuff. *takes a breath* Anyway, great list. :;)

  4. Loved this list. I agree on all your Delirium characters and Peeta. I would put them on my list too. And I know just what you mean abut Lena's mom.

  5. ahh, I'm reading Forbidden right now and am so liking Lochan's POV. really well done (about to jump off here and read a few more chapters!)

    and, wow, can't believe you used to be shy! you are one of the most effervescennt and lively people in the blogosphere ~ which is why I enjoy your blog so much :)


    oh ~ loved reading the rest of the list too :)

  6. Love your list! Mia and Hannah were great choices that I hadn't thought of before reading your post.

    Reading Lark's Top 10

    P.S. - I am a new follower :)

  7. Maggie: I really liked her hate/love relationship with Caleb. She had to be very strong to go through it all...even the physical therapy.

    Mia: Just woah. Can't wait for Where She Went.

  8. Alice you so have to read it! It's amazing!!
    Hi Brandi! It really does!
    Thanks Kat! I love that name too! So pretty!
    Thanks Jessica!
    Thank you so much Nomes! You'll have to tell me what you think of the ending!
    Thanks Andrea!
    I totally agree mfay!