Personal Demons Meets The Maine

Most of you probably already know that I'm totally obsessed with Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers. I seriously think about it all the time!
When I was driving to Starbucks I was listening to the love of my life a.k.a. The Maine's new CD Black & White and heard Right Girl. I immediately thought "oh my goodness Luc and Frannie!" 

So below are some lines of lyrics from the songs on the album and in blue is a quick explanation of why I think it relates to the book.
(Yes this post is totally fangirlish and random, but they call me crazy for a reason!)

Right Girl
Brought up a silver spoon mess

Frannie grew up in a nice home.

Always trying to tear off her Catholic dress

She's part of a huge Catholic family and got kicked out of Catholic School.

I've never been the best with my mouth
Try to stay smart but the dumb comes out

Luc's always trying to impress Frannie, but doesn't always say the right things.

Maybe I'm shy, I drive an old car

Luc drives a '68 Shelby Cobra GT

Maybe I'm amazed that I got this far
And I got my stand-bys waiting on the line
But the hardest part is knowing that it won't be her this time

He could have any pick of the girls from school (anywhere really) but that doesn't matter because he only wants Frannie (aww!)

Saving Grace
all we have is what's left today
hearts so pure in this broken place

Gabe has the pure heart and believes Frannie does too.

cause we are, we are, we are
who we are, we are, we are
lovers lost in space
we're searching for our saving grace

They're both searching for happiness in a crazy world.

Don't Stop Now
You can use me up
Till it all runs out
Baby Don't stop now.
I'm all yours
I'm all yours somehow...
Baby don't stop now.

Frannie has a strong power over both Gabe and Luc. They'd do anything for her.

Growing Up
But then Wonderwall comes on the radio,
I flashback to the night in your parents yard,
When we drank too much and we talked about god...

Okay, so this is a stretch, but I wanted to use all the songs! At the party Luc gave Frannie the beer and Gabe gave her something nonalcholic to drink and it was... night. (I tried!)

Fuel to the Fire
Say you don't want me, I think you're a liar
Love or Lust, It just adds fuel to the fire

Frannie can say all she wants that she doesn't feel something for Luc, but she's a liar! Oh and Luc's so hot that he pretty much is a fire!

Inside of You
So Don't Say That You Just Want To Run Away
Replay All The Things That I Tried To Say

When Frannie jumped out of the car and Luc went after her trying to get her to listen to what he was trying to say to her.

Every Road
Yeah it's safe to say I knew
That all the selfish things I do
Would eventually come creeping back around

Luc had been pretty selfish with the whole tagging souls for Hell thing, but then he fell hard for Frannie. So everything came back around all at once.

Listen to Your Heart
I hear your heart, beating right in time.
Right from the start, knew i had to make you mine.
And now I'll never let you go.
Don't they know that love won't lie?

From the moment Luc laid eyes on Frannie he knew there was something different about her.

Your father says im not good enough, and
your mother she said that this is just a phase.
I think that we should run away!

Frannie's parents can't stand Luc!

Give It to Me
That sinful stare,
Your poison kiss,
Like Satan's daughter's holy lips.

I imagine Luc thinking this when he's with Frannie.

Tell me everything(will be alright) 
Walk this way with me(into the light)
If you can let it slide
Baby just for the night
Just know that everyone feels broken sometimes 

I thought of this when Gabe was trying to convince Frannie that everything was alright and that it wasn't her fault. She's not alone.

Untangle Me
I was the dark before the dawn, the voice without a song,
The words that came out wrong but you heard me all along

Luc was this misunderstood demon, but Frannie understood him for who he was.

Untangle me, from these feelings trapped inside
Way out past the smoke and fire is where I'll be,
I've been waiting such a long time for someone to come along, untangle me

This pretty much applies to both Luc and Frannie (possibly Gabe too). They were both misunderstood and when they both came into each other's lives everything changed for the better.

Angels with dirty faces
Darkness begins to take me tonight
Good friends bad habits
In the end we're all trying to survive

Angels is Gabe. Darkness is Luc. Taylor and Frannie have the bad habit of always competing with each other (boys wise).

The Book of You and Me
every wall that's up must come down
funny how it never does
trying to make it like it was
it won't work, but i keep thinking
time will make us strong enough

Luc and Frannie come from completely different world with tons of obstacles against them.

Whoever She Is
I thought I had my girl but she ran away
My car got stolen and I'm gonna be late
For work this week, make that the 4th day straight,
But I'm fine with it
you don't have to worry

This is kind of when Luc was trying to convince himself that he didn't care that Frannie was over at Gabe's.

Crazy Katie




    Great connections! WOOOW!

    (And yes, all the cap-loocks are definitely needed!)

    Ah, Katie, I love you! You're totally awesome, and you so rock!

  2. Thanks, Katie! This is so unbelievable. I love this post and a few of these songs are on the OS and HB playlists =)

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this!! Two of my most favorite things brought together, the maine and personal deamns, love it!! I'm totally geeking out, thanks for the awesome post!!

  4. Aww thank you so much Momo!! You're so sweet and totally awesome too!! <3

    Hi Lisa!! OMG I can't wait to see which songs are on the playlists now! :D

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  5. This is SO CREATIVE, Katie! I love it! Even though I've never listened to the Maine, I completely agree with the parallels you made! Wow!

  6. Thanks Brandi!

    Aw thank you so much Lauren! You should totally check The Maine out too! lol they're awesome!

  7. Uh yeah, AMAZING ! I love the Maine too ! I actually did compare the characters to one of their songs in a post a month or two ago. Another the Maine song that works is Kiss and Sell (:


  8. Wow. Never thought of it that way