Meet My Love: Bookshelf Tour

I'm never quite sure what I should say while showing my bookshelf which you'll be able to clearly see in the video. My dog also makes an appearance! So now I give to you my pride and joy... my Bookshelf!

Since I get quite a few requests about listing all the books I own I made a list at goodreads. So if you'd like click here to see it. Not all of them are listed yet. I try to update it once a month, but I forget to quite a bit. I promise I'll work on that though!

Crazy Katie


  1. AHHHHH! The Liar Society was SOOOOOOO good! You have so many good books!!

  2. Awesome bookshelf! Yours is sooo neat! Mine has books horizontally and vertically with lots of stuff on there, stuff that aren't even book related, well not really, lol! Eek! Awesome books too, btw! :)

  3. I can't wait to read it Kare! OMG :)

    Thank you Momo! You should totally do a bookshelf tour! I'd love to see it!

    Thank you so much Juju! Max appreciates the love and says thank you! haha!

  4. Such a lovely bookshelf.
    And I agree, very neat.

    Hope Max gets better soon!

  5. Always love your vids! ALWAYS! lol :D

  6. Aw I love how excited you got about the pounds. It is rather normal for me I must say :P I got The Sky is Everywhere for Christmas and I can't wait to read it. And I got a galley for wither (so freaking excited). What a fab bookshelf you have :) And may I ask what the song is at the end of your video? It intrigued me :)

  7. l LOVE looking at everyone's book shelves. You have such an amazing one. I wish l had this exact one!
    Love your books, they all in such good condition.
    Thanks for this post!

  8. Loved watching this! I am so totally jealous of all the books you have signed!

  9. Lol- That just made me smile :) You are clearly such a book lover (duh)! I am definitely envious of your shelf.

  10. Wow your bookshelf is awesome! And you have a ton of signed books! Anyway, cool bookshelf tour. :)

  11. You didn't grab the wrong The first four are the same and then the next 4 have the same thing on the side. I liked the first 4 better too!

  12. Hi Jessica! Aw thank you! (Max says, 'woof, Thanks! woof!' lol
    Thanks so much Steph!!
    Hey Alice! I was so excited about the pounds! haha The song is Right Girl by The Maine (a.k.a my loves! they are amazing! haha)
    Thank you Books for Company!
    Aw thank you Aylee!
    Haha why thank you Katie!:)
    Thanks Andrea!
    Hey Jasmine! I'm with you on liking the first four better! That's so weird that they decided to change them in the middle of the series!