In My Mailbox (17)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren

Thanks YouTube for giving me so many great still to choose from...

-Beastly by Alex Flinn
-XVI by Julia Karr
-Unearthly (Unearthly 1) by Cynthia Hand
-Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham
-Delirium (Delirium 1) by Lauren Oliver (Pre-order)

Momo at Books Over Boys <--- She's awesome! Go check out her blog!

Crazy Katie


  1. I haven't watched your IMM yet, but I saw Mentions: Momo at Books Over Boys - then I almost died so I had to come leave a comment before I watch it, lol! You'll be getting another comment after I watch it! Will be back in 10 minutes! :)

  2. I have the comment box open as I'm watching your video, so first of all, what's the song playing in the beginning? :) Love it already!

    Totally loving your shirt!

    We could tell! LOL! (Beastly cover)
    Did XVI come out in paperback? I love when books come out in paperback!

    OMG! Unearthly! I still NEEEEEED to go get it! LOL!

    Watch your ex watch this! Imagine that! LOL! He'd be freaked OUT! Haha! *__*

    Stalkers → true fact! There's one in all of us!

    OMG! Katie! You gotta do something about that! Personal Demons - READ IT!

    Great IMM! Hilarious!

    OMG! So like I was almost going to "Publish" this comment, but I scrolled back up to read and make sure everything sounded alright, then I just realized that I'm wearing my Twilight shirt! (gasp!) OMG! I know right! We're totall in sync!

    HAHA! Just sayin'! :)

  3. Delirium AND Unearthly! Wow, what a great combo ;) And your other books I've been craving too..Beastly is a good read! Hehe. Happy reading!

  4. I LOVED XVI! (And I totally pronounce it ex-vee-eye, lol) I'm sure you guys will, too. :)

    I'm going to have to go with Lacey on the Stalker Girl chapter title image-things. I think it'd be thematic if they were camera lenses. *hides*

    Fun vlog! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Thanks Moonlight Gleam!
    Momo you are just so awesome! That totally made my day! Haha!
    Thanks Justine! I can't wait to read Beastly!
    Hey Lauren! I keep pronouncing it that way too! lol
    Haha! That will make Lacy smile! haha

  6. Katie, you are to funny! I love the cover of Unearthly too, its so gorgeous! Enjoy all your books!

  7. Aww thank you Aylee! :D

    Thanks Shannon! :) I'm totally obsessed with it! I love how just absolutely perfect it is! haha

  8. My IMM this week is number 17 too. btw I really like your books. have fun reading them.

  9. I always look forward to watching your IMM vlogs. :)

  10. Stalker Girl sounds really creepy, I think I might have to add it to my TBR list.
    Unearthly is definitely a beautiful book. Can't wait to get a hard copy to add to my bookshelf too :D

  11. They all sound good, especially XVI! I didn't really know what it was about before, but now that I do it sounds awesome. Hope you enjoy your books! :)

  12. Stalker Girl sounds really awesome! Loving the vlog!

    My IMM

  13. YAY Delirium! Can't wait to buy that one.

    Happy reading! :)

  14. l got XVI from a book giveaway! I am waiting for it to come through my post! So excited.
    I love the unearthly cover, so shiny. I miss the covers when they are on my kindle!

  15. Hey, I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award over at my blog- congratulations! To find out moremgo directly to the award post here:

  16. Great books this week! I want to read Unearthly, and Delirium. Oh and XVI too! Have fun and Happy reading.
    Check out my IMM Post.

  17. Thanks Brandi!
    Thank you Basma! Yay for 17!
    Aw thank you so much Laura!
    Hey Jessica! You're so right it does sound creepy! I hope you end up reading it! :)
    Thanks Andrea! I hope you check XVI out!
    Thanks you Naj!
    Hey Michelle! OMG I can't wait to actually hold the book, I'm going to flip! haha!
    Hey Books for Company! I totally know what you mean about missing the covers! That's some of the best parts of reading is the cover art! :)
    Thank you so much Stephanie!! <3
    Hi Krystal! Delirium is amazing, I can't wait for you to read it! :)