Bookshelf Construction

With Christmas happening just last month my bookshelf has experience a little bit of an overflow with books. Don't get me wrong, I'm not even close to complaining, I'm quite happy that I had to add another shelf!

On Saturday my Dad and I preformed surgery on my adorable bookshelf. Originally is had five shelves that were barely filled up. Now, it has six that are almost jam packed (already!)

If you guys haven't already guessed, I'm quite protective of my books. So the idea of drilling and sawing their home wasn't that appealing to me. But with Dustbuster in hand and my dad doing all the work, I made it through!

In the first picture the blue arrow points to all the dust that from the holes that we drilled. You're probably wondering why we would have to drill holes in a shelf, well I thought the same thing! Instead of it coming from the manufacturers with all the holes already drilled in, it came with only a few choices of shelf placement.

The shelves used to be so far apart and ahve way too much room in between, but now there's little room due to the extra shelf. Which means more books! Yes!

In the first picture the blue arrow points to all the sawdust from the drilling... I know it's so terrible! My poor little books on the row underneath! No worries though, I dusted and vacuumed like crazy when we were finished.

The red arrow is pointing to where my dad set his tools. Yes, on the bookshelf! I was so afraid that something would get scratched or one of my lovely books would get dirty. (Yeah, I know I'm weird...)

The second picture just shows all the books that we had to pile onto my desk so my dad had enough room to work. While we were unloading them my dad couldn't stop laughing at how particular I was about the order I had him set them down in. Not that it worked... I still ended up having to re-alphabetize them. Haha!

The last picture is my cute little doggie, Max, that was in my room the entire time. Even during the loud hammering and with the screw driver going off every five minutes. He is such a sweetie! I think Max either knew how much I hate my bookshelf being torn apart or he thought me flipping out was absolutely hilarious. (I'm kind of thinking the second more than the first.)

I totally should have taken a before picture for my whole "Before & After Post" but that would require me having working brain cells... sorry I thought I already had a "Before" picture, but no.

Now I give to you, my brand spanking new shelf! Woo! This picture only shows five of the shelves because in order to fit all six the picture would have been pretty far away. (The only thing on the bottom shelf is Harry Potter and some magazine holders, which are next to go to make more room).
Today I made another bookshelf tour since I've gotten quite a few requests ever since I tweeted about the "construction" which I think is awesome! Thank you guys for being so interested! It'll have a video of the shelves and a picture of each one. So if you're interested be sure to stop by Thursday!

Crazy Katie


  1. Wow, the bookshelf looks wonderful! So pretty, thanks for sharing and don't worry about feeling weird about your bookshelf/books, I'm exactly the same way!

  2. Awesome! Your new shelf looks super cool! Mine looks similar to that but it's black! But mine's clustered with lots of things on there besides books, LOL :)

  3. Oh I Love That! Yay you for an upgraded, and full, bookshelf!

  4. Bookshelf pics are always fun :) I love scanning for covers I recognize. Yay for you for having such a handy dad!

  5. The perfect way to start off a new year: more room for books :)

  6. Love this post! I need to get myself a new bookshelf.

  7. I'm always worrying about the possibility of cover scratches on my books and *gasp* fingerprints. You're not the only one. :)
    Awesome bookshelf. Are those OR Melling's Chronicles of Faerie I see on the second shelf?

  8. Your new bookshelf looks amazing! It's so perfectly organized. I did a similar thing to start off my new year, I organized my shelves to make room for my new book purchases. :D Lol, I can relate to feeling protective of your books, I'm the same with mine! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I can't wait to see your video ! I love yur bookshelf Katie !! I really have to show you mine =)

  10. I told ya it would look great! :D and you've got loads of awesome books. I always love staring at other peoples shelves. :D

    Btw! I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award: I hope you don't mind. :D

  11. Thanks Rowena! & I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one crazy about my books! :)
    Thank you Momo! Sweet, black is so awesome! Stuff cluttering it like some... The Maine? haha!
    Thank you Flipping Fabulous! :D
    Haha thank you Katie! My dad is quite handy! :)
    You're so right Jessica! :)
    Thanks Aylee!
    OMG scratches are *the* worst! I agree Kat! No, but those sounds wicked cool though! :)
    Thank you Anna! I hope you're enjoying your new bookshelf! :D
    Thanks Elodie! You totally *have* too! We'd all love to see it! :)
    Hi Naj! I know, you were totally right! haha Thank you!
    OMG thank you so much! That's so awesome! :) Thank you!

  12. Thats amazing! I can't wait till Thursday to see the tour!