Top 5 Fictional Hotties I Want Under My Tree!

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Best Fiction Hotties I Want Under My Tree!

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(I saw this meme over at Momo's Books Over Boys and just had to join in on the fun!)

Now what Santa will be putting under my tree (in no particular order).

1. Ren Laroche
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
Renier is the definition of irresistible! He's mysterious, kind of cocky and a total powerhouse. He's not completely out there with his emotions which makes him completely worthy of my Christmas list!

2. Peeta Mallark
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
He's a total sweetheart who would give his life to save the ones he loves. Peeta's warm-hearted, lovable and extremely caring. Oh and he's flipping gorgeous!

3. Jace Wayland
The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
Jace would not be Jace Wayland if he was arrogant, hilarious and a complete studmuffin! Yet when you get to know him you will see his softer sides. If you were to look up hot in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of Jace Wayland in his shadowhunter gear.

4. Alex
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
*Drool* I know Delirium hasn't been published yet, but if I hadn't included him in my list it would have been a crime! He's courageous, caring, and just all around perfect! I don't want to give too much away, but all of those who read the book probably can back me up that Alex is their knight in shining armor.

5. Carlos Fuentes
Rules of Attractions by Simone Elkeles
It's obvious why Carlos is on here! He's absolutely hilarious, loyal and loving. He seems like a tough guy on the outside, but is a total sweetheart on the inside. He has some of the best lines ever and is totally delicious!

Crazy Katie


  1. Jace <3 !! Great choices !! I'm totally Team Peeta !!! And OMG ... Ren =)

  2. Love your choices! Although I haven't met Ren, Alex, or Carlos yet I LOVE Peeta and Jace!

  3. Hey Elodie! Haha I'm glad you liked my choices!

    Hi Aylee! Oh my goodness you must meet Ren! He's such a hottie! Shay (the other guy in the book) is pretty cute as well! Aren't Peeta and Jace just totally awesome?! haha

  4. Jace is awesome! And Peeta and Carlos as well! (haven't read Nightshade or Delirium)But Jace is just...*swoon* :P
    Great choices!

  5. Amen on Peeta. He could bake for you Christmas morning while you swoon and text your home girls the good news ;)

  6. Hey Cicely! You totally described Jace perfecly! "swoon" is right! lol

    Hi Juju! I LOVE the way you think! :D

  7. You made a fabulous list Katie, I so agree with 1-4! I haven't read 5 so I don't know about him, but based on the previous four, I'm guessing he's equally swoon-worthy. I wouldn't mind finding any of these boys under my tree on Christmas morning!

  8. Thank you Jenny! Oh yes! Carlos is definitely swoon worthy! ;)

  9. Ren is hot.

    And ahh Alex<333
    Are you trying to steal my lover, Katie? hahaha

  10. Oh I'm *totally* stealing your lover Briana! LOL

  11. aaaah Jace and Peeta!! LOve them!!