Teaser Tuesday (6)

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Personal Demons
Lisa Desrochers

"I walk up right behind Frannie, where she’s sitting near the door, in time to hear her say, “You know what, Tay? Go to Hell,” and I smile, because I think it’s cute that she’s inviting her friends along.”

I just started Personal Demons today and am loving it! When I saw this quote I snorted!

Crazy Katie


  1. Oh man! That is absolutely hilarious. I want to read this book!

  2. Great teaser Katie !! I don't know if I'll buy this book (mostly because of the cover, I don't like it) but would you say it's worthy ??? =)I trust you ...my future is in your hands ! ;)
    Happy reading !! If you'd like to take a look at my teaser : onceuponaquote.blogspot.com

  3. Oh my goodness Elodie you have to read it! I *really* don't like the cover either, it looks more of an adult read. It's AMAZING! I LOVE it!! I'll do a review very, very soon (as soon as I finish) Seriously it's AWESOME!

    Hey Melissa! I can't wait for you to read it! It's so great! :)

  4. I'll definitely read it ;) And I'm looking forward to read your review Katie !!

  5. Yay!! We'll have to discuss it when you finish! I'm totally Team Luc! <3 lol

  6. Yay I'm glad it got a smile out of you Juju! :)