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Do you have an under-noticed author that you think we should all know about?

Right now I'm reading Person Demons by Lisa Desrochers and I'm absolutely loving her writing. I had never heard of Desrochers until I was contacted by the publishing house. Since I hadn't heard of her I automatically though the book wouldn't be good. I was so wrong! It's so easy to put yourself into the character's shoes and their voices are incredible! Her writing is extremely funny, full of suspense and so easy to relate to. I still can't believe it's an adult's writing, it sounds like I'm talking to one of my friends!

Book Blogger Hop

"What is the thing you like most about reading book blogs? Is it the reviews, author guest posts, articles, giveaways, or something else entirely?"

I really enjoy the book reviews! I love reading other bloggers' opinions on the same books I have read or on books that I might want to buy. Their reviews are a definite go to before I buy any book.

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Crazy Katie


  1. Dear, I am stealing your badge for my side bar.. Thanks much for it!

    Ah, I love most is reading reviews of books I never heard of so I can create an endless horde list of TBR books. *grin*

    I also meeting interesting people who love the same things I love :)

    Under-noticed... All of the Indie Authors. Hop by and check out the badge my Igor created for me, us!!

    Mad Scientist

  2. Hi there! Old follower just stopping by to say hi and Happy Friday! :)

    Kristy @ Dreaming By Day

  3. Thank you so much Mad Scientist!

    Thanks Kristy! :)

  4. I agree with your FF choice. I think she'll be more popular in years to come. Love the Team Damon icon, btw!

    Happy hop!

  5. I'd have to say I love reviews the best of all, but I think meeting the bloggers is right up there, too! Everyone is SO nice! :)

    An overabundance of memes drive me nuts though...I think a fair balance is necessary! Happy Friday, Katie!

  6. Hey Brooke! Thank you! I was bored one day so I figured why not show Damon some love! haha

    Hi Melissa! I completely agree! Too many memes is a little crazy. I guilty of doing that sometimes! lol

    Happy Friday guys! :)

  7. I made it over half way through Personal Demons and then stopped bc I was annoyed at how back & forth the main character kept going with her decisions. I may need to go back & finish now. lol That was the only issue I had, the writing was fine.

    I'm a new follower! Check out my under-noticed author pick here:

  8. Hey Katie. New follower.

    I love this week's question from PJ because I love to discover new to me authors. Thanks for chiming in. I have Personal Demons sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read. *sighs* Someday.

    Cute blog header. I love it.

    Happy Weekend.
    Missie, The Unread Reader

  9. I like reading the reviews, too, especially after I have finished the book. It's interesting to see what other people thought, and whether they liked (disliked) a book as much as I did.

    Have a great weekend!

    Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

  10. Hi Katie! Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying Personal Demons. The opinions that matter most to me are those of teens, so I'm happy to hear that you relate to my characters.

    And I also saw your Team Ren button, so I'm assuming you loved my crit partner, Andrea's Nightshade as much as I did =)

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  13. New follower from the hop:)
    I really like your header, its so pretty. I love hearing other bloggers opinions on books, too. Usually an amazing review can make me buy a book. lol

    Beth from

  14. Hi there, hopping by. I've heard mixed reviews on Personal Demons. Maybe I'll have to check it out and see for myself.

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  16. I haven't heard of the author you mentioned. Just one more to look up!

  17. Hi Kate! Happy Friday! (well Happy Saturday now, but ya know ;)lol )

    Hey Tale of Many Reviews! That is one of my favorite parts! I love flipping back and fourth with both of their opinions and outlooks! Thank you so much for following! :D

    Thanks Missie! I hope you love it as much as I do when you get a chance to read it!

    Thank you for stopping by Julie!

    Hi Lisa! It is absolutely awesome to hear from you! I LOVE your book! You just so incredible!! And yes I adore your critique partner as well! :)

    Thank you Beth!

    Hi Midnyte Reader! You totally should, I just adore it!

    Hey Brenda! I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do! :)

  18. Old follower hopping by a little late :)

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Personal Demons. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews, but you're the first one who has commented on the author's writing voice. The cover looks so adult, so I wondered if the writing would be that way too. I'm so glad to hear it's written in a realistic YA voice. Thanks for the info!

  19. Hey Small Review!
    I completely agree with you on it looking like an adult cover! I was so happy that it had such a great teen voice!