Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made You Cry

In no particular order and I couldn't think of ten! Happy Tuesday everyone!

**Spoilers in New Moon, Dear John, Animal Farm and Johnny Got His Gun**

Tabitha Suzama
I started this book last night and am about half way through. Just when they were describing how alone they feel in the world and find refuge in each other made me tear up. Such a beautifully written story.

New Moon
Stephanie Meyer
**(I don't know if this is a spoiler since everyone knows Edward left in New Moon haha)
This is probably obvious, but I cried when Edward left. OK that's an understatement, I balled like a baby. When I went through the pages with the months on them I just kept getting more hysterical. I laugh about how seriously I acted not, but at that time I just got dumped (through a text message... what a jerk! Sorry, back to the topic.) and felt everything she was feeling. Bella loosing Edward helped me let my emotions out. I felt like someone understood and it helped me realized it sucked, and it's okay that it sucked!

Dear John
Nicholas Sparks
When his father died my eyes got watery, but the part where I really lost it was when he gave the money to Savannah's husband to get better. Oh boy I went crazy!

If I Stay
Gayle Forman
I found myself with watery eyes quite a few times while reading, but when Adam was crying and begging her to stay I was too. Then the last scene at the very end of the book I lost it and was sobbing!

Thirteen Reasons Why
Jay Asher
This book did so many amazing things for me. I was pretty much teary eyed throughout the entire experience. It's such an amazing story that showed me I wasn't alone, just being in Hannah and Caleb's shoes made me cry.

Johnny Got His Gun*
Dalton Trumbo
(I love classic books! Surprise! I know it may not seem like it.)
I was required to read this for school my sophomore year and adored it. Such an amazingly moving story. I had family in that war so I kept picturing them in his condition which made me upset. Then when he was awarded the medal, I was balling!

Animal Farm*
Orson Wells
When Boxer died. I know simple and possibly stupid, but yep I lost it. I was eleven and was upset the sweet pony died. I love this book, the symbolism is amazing!



  1. I know, poor Boxer! He always tried so hard. So sad :(

  2. You cried when Boxer died? That's the sweetest thing ever :)

  3. Hi Danya! I know, I was so upset. Why couldn't it be one of the nasty pigs! lol

    Hey Juju! Haha yep, I for sure did! :)

  4. You are only halfway through Forbidden you have a lot more crying to do. It is such a powerful book.

    13 Reasons Why - that really got to me too.

  5. I'm glad you had a real-life reason to cry that much during New Moon ... sounds like it ended up being cathartic for you. And dumped via a text message? TOTAL JERK!

    I actually love a good cry when I read a book sometimes. I guess that is kind of strange.

  6. Hey Nic! Oh boy I'll get the tissues ready, thanks for the heads up :)
    Hi Jenners! Thank you for thinking he's a jerk too lol! He won homecoming king this year!! So glad I'm homeschooled now so I didn't egg him when he got his crown LOL
    Books are amazing for emotions, I'll read a tear jerker just to cry sometimes too :)

  7. Aw, I love books that make me cry. There are probably a lot of them. But I remember some. You should totally read Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It made me bawl like a baby! I really want to read Forbidden, though. It sounds sooo good, oh my.

  8. I definitely will! I saw your comment and put a request for it at my library, thank you! I can't wait for you to read Forbidden, it's simply amazing!

  9. wow great list... I lick how you listed I'm gonna check out forbidden.

  10. Hey Kare!
    I finished Forbidden yesterday and I balled my little eyes out! The ending was amazing!

  11. Aw I'm reading If I stay right now I'm like half through. Your little description makes me want to finish up. :(

  12. I hope you enjoy the rest of If I Stay I found it truly amazing :)

  13. 13 Reasons Why and If I Stay are both FABULOUS! Tear-jerkers for sure.

  14. Definitely! Both books are just incredible :)