Teaser Tuesday (5)

This week's teaser is from Lauren Oliver's Delirium

"As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I'm looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter."

This book is amazing! Oliver's writing is perfection.



  1. Ahhh chapter four<33 (Is it crazy I've already practically memorized the book?) haha
    I can't wait for you to finish!

  2. Haha!! That is crazy, but crazy in an awesome way! ;)
    I know I can't wait until I finish either so we can talk about it! Seriously I can't believe it's taking this long! It must be a record! I swear every single soul in my family has visited in the past week! haha!

  3. This is a great teaser of an awesome book. Have already read Delirium and LOVED it(thought about extending my rating scale:D)!Hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did.

    Here is my Teaser

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  4. Wow. That was goood. Great teaser. I could almost feel it happening.

  5. Hey Juju! The entire (well so far) book is like that, almost feeling it happen. It's incredible.

  6. Great teaser! I am just about to start this book. I'm so excided. I've heard incredible things about Delirium

  7. Thanks Kaye!
    Hey Danielle! I hope you enjoy it! I'm loving it so far :)