Lauren Kate Book Signing

Last night I went to a Lauren Kate book signing. There was around sixty people who were dying to meet the amazing author of the Fallen Series. The talk started with Lauren reading the prologue to Torment then she answered questions from the audience.

During the question segment she told us that Passion, the third book in the Fallen series, was originally titled Chaos. Her publishing company changed it for marketing reasons since the book is a love story. I'm not sure which title I like better, maybe Passion since that does a good job describing Luce and Daniel's love for on another. What title do you guys like better?

Another question asked was about the name of the fourth book. Lauren told us it will be titled Rapture. How wickedly awesome is that?! I love it! She plans to end the series after the fourth book. Rapture will take us back to present time after Luce returns from the past in Passion.

However she said her publisher suggested she should do an accompanying novel from Cam's perspective, but she wasn't sure. I hope she does though, I love Cam! Such a studmuffin! He's my favorite character after the sassy Arriane.

Then she signed books for everyone. I got both my Fallen and Torment books signed along with the shirt I got this weekend. Lauren Kate is such a sweetheart!

I plan to meet Laurie Halse Anderson and Becca Fitzpatrick in October and November so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I'll put up posts, like this one, of those signings too.

*Note: My Iphone camera really stinks. It doesn't have zoom and is pretty blurry. Sorry!



  1. Really nice post! I love getting a chance to meet authors and hear about their books. You have some great ones coming up too.

  2. Very cool! And don't worry about the iphone photos - I went to Word on the Street a few weeks ago and my camera died halfway through the day, so I had to use my iphone for photos, too. They're still good and get the point across!

  3. It sounds like you had a blast! I haven't read the Fallen books yet, but I need to considering how popular they are and all the great things I've heard about them.

  4. Hey Nikki!
    It's a pretty cool series so I hope you do decide to check them out :)