I Want More Please!

These are my obsessive books where I just want MORE! I have fallen in love with the characters and want to know about how their life is after the last book left off.

I hate when people spoil great books for me so I'm letting you know that there are spoilers in the following post! Beware!

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1. Leaving Paradise/Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles
I love, love, love these two books and I want another one! Please! I was a little let down by Return to Paradise and I think a third one would make it all better. I would want to see Caleb and Maggie's life now that they confessed their love.

2. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
I adored this book, headstrong Bianca falls for suave Westley is perfect. In the sequel I would love to read about where the relationship is maybe six months from where this book left off.

3. The Mediator by Meg Cabot
Jesse! I want to read about the events in Jesse's point of view, pretty please?! That would be so awesome. We could see how worried he is about Suze while she's off kicking ghost butt and just being in a mind of someone from that long ago would be wicked awesome!

4. Amy & Rodger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
I have two ideas for this one: the first being a book about if their relationship survived after the trip. The second, because we all know I'm a sucker for double narration, the trip told in Roger's point of view. See exactly when and how he started to fall for Amy. What he was thinking about when they were in Kentucky and Amy was out with another guy, oohhh!

5. Perfect Chemistry & Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
I loved both of these books and I know there is going to be a third coming out in 2011 (yes!) but I still know I'll want MORE! All of Simone's leading men are spicy hot and the ladies are unique and really likable. Oh and duh, double narration! Having a book with two great, distinct voices is awesome!

I wish I could have these books in my hand this second! A girl can dream...



  1. The Mediator series is so good! I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it above. :]

  2. I hadn't heard about that series until last month, I have no idea what took me so long to read it!


  3. I would love a sequel to Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. I finished it last week and I loved it.
    I think (if there was a sequel) they should take another road trip, maybe when Roger goes back to school? But the book should be told in Roger's point of view. Then I'm also curious when Roger started to fall for Amy (he was totally jealous of that other guy in Kentucky...the one who made Amy the owl and she went driving with). But I am really curious to see if they're relationship worked out. I want a sequel! I suppose it's wishful thinking though! Excuse my rambling I just really liked this book! Plus, I think I have a slight crush on Roger.

    The Duff is on my to-read list (I skipped over what you wrote about it). I looked for it in the bookstore last week but they didn't have it, I'm hoping they were just sold out.

  4. I LOVE your idea about another road trip when Roger goes back to college! Oh my goodness I want that book now! I'm with you I totally have a crush on Roger too! :)

    The DUFF is absolutely amazing, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!