Wednesday's Obsession: Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

This week I was introduced to the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot, who I flat our adore. When I was ten I became an avid reader of the Princess Diaries (also by Meg) and just loved the writing style and how I felt like I was in Mia's shoes. Okay, yeah, I know I was 10. I just liked it at first because it had a pretty cover with a crown on it, but once I started reading it I was hooked. So that being said, I was quite hesitant to start reading a new series by Meg Cabot. Which is very strange since I enjoyed her writing so much, but I was terrified it wouldn't be as awesomely well written and humorous as Princess Diaries...


The Mediator is incredible! I'm only on the third book, but really I've already made up my mind, this book is going on my favorites list. There's tons of reasons why this book totally rocks, but here's just a simple three reasons why...

1) Suze kicks complete butt! She's strong, independent and intelligent! Not many leading ladies have these qualities now a days. Suze Simon isn't afraid to be herself and doesn't take bologna from anyone, even the undead. Oh, by the way she has killer style! Leather jacket and ankle boots: awesome! She has an awesome sense of humor and confidence like crazy, yet not arrogant, which is important. Suze you rock my world!
2) Jesse a.k.a the hot ghost that has lived in Suze's bedroom for the past century and a half. He's a complete Spanish gentleman, mysterious and watches out for Suze's best interest. How could he get anymore perfect? Oh yeah, how could I possibly forget? He's ripped! With abs like a Greek god who wouldn't want a guest ghost like Jesse in their bedroom?
3) GHOSTS! How could we not love/hate all of the evil ghosts that give Suze a run for her money? The mystery aspects of the books are incredibly and totally grab your attention! You just need to find out the who, what, why and how of all of these lost souls. Not to mention if Suze will have to kick some ghoul butt!


  1. I have to say that I always the 1-800/Vanished series when it comes to Cabot's YA paranormal. But you make some convincing points about the Mediator series (namely hot ghost guy).

  2. I just bought the 1-800 series this week in the new paperback release. I'm really excited to start reading them. And yes hot ghost guy Jesse is a pretty convincing factor to read the series :D

  3. True confession time - I have not yet read any of Meg's books. Ahh, I know! I know!

    I attended a school book swap yesterday, and there was a girl looking for a good book. I saw the first book in the series sitting on the table, and I told her, "I haven't read this one yet, but I hear amazing things about this author. If you don't take it home, I will." She took it, but I'll be sure to get my own copy!

    Thanks for your review!

  4. Hey Alison! Oh my! You must read some of her books, she's just truly amazing! And that was sweet of you to recommend it to a girl.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I hear such good things about Meg it's a wonder I haven't read many of her books yet. Thanks for the great review!

  6. The Mediator is totally awesome! Who doesn't love Jesse? :D

  7. Ive never read any of Meg's books but this sounds funny! Especially the hot ghost,lol

  8. yes, Meg is definitely awesome!

    And Jesse is such a studmuffin ;)

  9. Wow.That's saying a lot if you're already putting it on your favorite's list. I'm adding it to my (HUGE) TBR list.:)

  10. Yeah you definitely should! It's a really quick read I finished the series in about 8 days. :)

  11. OH MY! I'm always so happy to find people who have read the mediator series,

    cause words cn't describe how I feel about this series I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH, I love it like Janice Dickinson loves plastic surgery, I love it like lady gaga loves weird outfits, I love it like Donald Trump loves money

    I just don't get tired of it, I've been reading it andre-reading it since a long time ago and it always entretaining and funny and witty and AWESOME

  12. Melannie, you are my favorite person ever! I LOVE you're similes, oh my gosh! :D
    I keep re-reading it too! It's just so amazing! Jesse! *swoon* I can't believe the number of people who haven't read this series! It's just too incredible to miss!

  13. I KNOW!!!

    They're missing big time,

    I'm so glad the books are being re-released with new covers,
    hopefully they will get a lot more attention,
    it's just that they were written a looooooong ago (10 years if I'm not mistaken), back when no one paid attention to the YA genre,
    I'm sorry for Meg about this, 'cause she's a friggen genious
    and writes awesomely good and her work should be a little more recognized,
    not only for her princess diaries series (which is also very good, like everything by her)


  14. Oh my me too! I know I already have the series, but I'm SO buying those ones too!
    You're totally right about Meg Cabot! She's just incredible! I really enjoyed Princess Diaries too! I started reading them when I was 10 even though I missed like half of the jokes because I was so little lol