Thursday's Playlist: The Mediator

Thursday's Playlist is a new thing here at Heartland Reviews. As some of you may know I've been head over heels in love with the Mediator Series by the wonderful Meg Cabot this week and thought I'd go completely overboard in my obsession by finding songs that went along with the books.

Suze is feisty, funny and a total power house. Then there's Jesse, the mysterious, tough guy ghost living in Suze's bedroom. And how could I forget that there is major butt kicking throughout the series?! These songs I thought did a good job of having the same feel as the storyline along with few songs that have lyrics that the characters could relate too.

-Me Against the World: Simple Plan
-Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times: Sum 41
-Drop the Girl: Hit the Lights
-Top of the World: All American Rejects
-Beautiful Love: The Afters
-Take My Hand Tonight: Simple Plan
-She's a Lady: Forever the Sickest Kids

Have you thought of any songs when you read this series?

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