Smart Chicks Tour

I was lucky enough to go to the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour this week with my mom. I had such an incredibly awesome time there! I almost didn't make it since I found out the tour was in my area only an hour before it was about to start. (yeah that's right only 60 minuets so get my patootie in a car and get there ASAP)

My mom and I arrived at the book shop that was hosting the tour, but found out it was actually being held down the road in some nice, fancy pancy hall. So we ran (okay we both aren't really athletic, so we power walked looking pretty weird) back to the car and drove on over.

We got there just in time to listen to the six amazing authors talk about their writing and just lives in general. It felt like I was among friends I'd known for years just listening to their stories... so awesome!

Later on in the talk Kelley Armstrong hosted the game that asked to pick one of the series to decide who you wanted to marry, shag and push off a cliff. SO HILARIOUS! One girl went up there and said she wanted to shag the entire bad guy army from Melissa Marr's books!! Everyone cracked up!

I was lucky enough to meet all of the lovely ladies. Seriously, probably the nicest people I have ever met. They were so modest and sweet! I talked to Jackson Pearce for a little bit. It was so cool! I hope I didn't seem too much like total dork, she's just so awesome!

Melissa Marr and Carrie Ryan had bookmarks that they gave away (you can see them on the table in the photo) They were signed too!
Hmm maybe for a contest in the future...

The last table had two of my favorite authors of ALL TIME. I couldn't believe how sweet they were! I talked to Carrie about just how much a adored her books. I was so happy to meet her. Carrie is awesome, simple as that. She was just so humble about her success with her books and was saying that it means so much to hear positive feedback from her fans! I was thinking... whoever doesn't give you positive feedback is crazy!

I got all of my 9 books (yes 9, I went overboard!) signed by each of the awesome authors. This day definitely made my 2010! I'll have up the next signing I go to (which I think is in November) with Laurie Halse Anderson! *squeal*

*Note- My phone definitely doesn't have the greatest camera, especially for farther away shots, my apologies.
-I was hesitant to put pictures up with me in them (I got pictures with all the authors) because I kind of like the whole anonymous nerd in disguise aspect of it.