My Ultimate Pet Peeve

Last night while I was on my facebook account and found that one of my friends wrote a major point that happens in Mockingjay. Don't worry I won't say. Anyways, this is my biggest pet peeve. Spoilers! Why, oh why do people get joy from telling me endings to books?! My facial expression, probably. Covering my ears and singing, most likely. Since I can't make a law having these people walk around with giant, flashing signs above their head that say, "Warning: I ruin books!"
Anyways here's a list of all the things I think people who spoil books should have to go through.

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1. You stub your baby toe
2. Burn your tongue on hot coffee so for the next 5 hours everything tastes funny
3. Get a paper cut on that annoying place on your knuckle where the band aide always falls off
4. Have a piece missing from furniture your trying to assemble
5. That you leave your 50% off coupon at home instead of brining it with you to the store
6. You loose your phone charger when there's only 10% of battery left
7. Smudge on your sunglasses in that perfectly annoying spot that just won't wipe off
8. Try to go to sleep, but your pillow is too lumpy
9. Get calls from annoying telemarketers
10 .Your bookmark falls out and you loose your place

Okay now that all of that is out of my system I feel a little bit better...

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NOW I feel completely better! *swoon*
Somehow all of my troubles just disappeared! Poof!



  1. hahahahaha. I know what you mean - absolutely do not like spoilers! even sometimes the blurb on the back is a spoiler for me.

    and, yeah, I'm liking your revenge ideas :)

  2. I completely agree about the writing on the back!

  3. MMM. Stephan is hoottt. Thanks for that. Now, what was this post about again?

    LOL, sometimes I just have to talk about spoilers, but I try to do in private or if its on my blog black writing with black background so no one can accidently read it.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. Me too! I just need to know what others thought about it too.
    I love the black background with black font, really clever! :)

  5. That is so funny. I completely agree with you. I really wish people wouldn't spoil books - especially ones I wait a long time in suspense to read!

  6. Swoon is right...that's an awesome pic!

    I love your list and agree 100%! Why do people do that??? Sometimes even the book summary is spoiler-y.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Kelli & Jenny!

    Kelli- I completely agree, some summaries give way too much away!

  8. here via blog hop!
    I hate when books are spoiled for me. Your list is funny, love it! :)

  9. Hey Kare!
    Thank you! I wanted to think of things not cruel, but are really, really annoying haha