Contest Craze: Dinner & Movie

Dinner and a Movie is part of Cindy's Contest Craze over at the Princess Bookie

This Mini Challenge Consists Of:
Date A Celebrity!
-Close Your Eyes!
-Imagine You Just Won A Contest Consisting Of A Date (Dinner And A Movie)
-You Get To Choose Any Celebrity/Singer/Sports Star To Go On A Date With
-FYI:Cartoon characters are exempt.

-Write A Blog Post Telling Me Who You Would Choose
-Explain Why You Choose Them
-Be Creative In Your Post (maybe include a picture of said person or tell me what you would order for dinner)
-Leave Link To Your Blog Post In The Comments Section
-US Only (unless you have someone to ship to you internationally)

Surprise ARC Prize Pack

Who is this handsome man pictured to the right you may ask? Well, this is the talented, handsome and awesomely Scottish James McAvoy. Yum!

Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he's in actual good movies that are for a diverse group of people.From Narnia to Wanted to the amazing Becoming Jane and Penelope. He's even been in the academy award-winning film Atonement! Who can say they have had that wide of variety of films that were successful? Who?!

First we would go see Inception since it is pretty much the only guy-ish movie I can tolerate. Well and the fact that Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it. *swoon*

Since he's European (how flipping awesome is that!?) we would go to some Scottish restaurant and order food that is native to Scotland. He would talk about all of the crazy places that his acting career has taken him while I drooled over his wicked Scottish accent. I would never get bored of what he was saying because his Scottish accent would lull me out of boredom!

Ahh, he's the perfect date... if only he wasn't married and almost double my age haha!