A Book to Me...

A book to me is my escape from the real world. It's everything I hold dear to my heart put on paper and set in binding. My bookcase is my life on shelves. Holding the good and bad memories of the past years of my life. I vicariously live through the characters without fear or worries. My world carries judgement and heartache, but books take me away from that. They give me smiles, hope and friends.

On a regular basis I'm criticized about how defensive I am of my reading to people who say they are just fake people in a stupid book. But what they don't see is how much more lies beneath those words on a page. These characters are brave, intelligent and kind people. Something that the majority of people in this world lack. They are someone for all of us to look up to.

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It's not only the characters that draw me into a story it's also, of course, what's written. I have a journal I keep of all the quotes that have touched me while I was reading. It's like the author has literally been inside my brain and describes how I feel in words that I can't express. Everything written in that journal are all the things I can't say or all the things that I don't know how to put into words. Once I read them it helps me understand a little bit more of myself. Books are apart of me. The characters are apart of me along with the struggles they go through.

I know this is a lot more serious than what I usually write, but let's just say being home schooled doesn't keep the bullies away. They have their sources. That's why I love my blog. It's unknown to everyone at my school. Along with my mom this is my safe haven, and I thank you for that.

So now my question is:

What is a book to you?



  1. Family Crisis these past few days. Hunger Games was there for me. I choose this book because I thought Katniss had things to teach me. Being a survivor. =)

    It's a way to runaway. I'm not always proud of it.

    Books make me happy. Books make me more happy than people. I once said No to a guy who wanted to go out with me because he didn't make my heart beat as a book make it. haha

    I'm in a good mood and ready to fight after reading a book. I 'm more complete with a book than without.

    You have no comment on this post! I try to compensate.

    Have a great day!

  2. Aw thank you for commenting! This totally made me smile :)
    I'm so sorry that there was a family crisis for you. I'm glad to hear you found strength through Katniss though!
    Haha! I love that you said no because you're holding out for the book best! Yay!
    I love what you feel after a book, I totally feel with ya!

  3. =)
    Catching fire is on my shelve and is eyeing me I swear.
    I am resisting. For now.