My Bookshelf

So I've seen some posts around the book blogging world where bloggers are posting pictures of their bookshelves and describing how they organize them. I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but thought I'd wait until I got an actual bookcase and not take pictures of them piled around my room. So when I received this gorgeous piece of furniture I knew it was finally time to do this post.
This is just the full view of my bookshelf. I got this a little less than a month ago as an end of the school year gift from my parents. It's pretty empty, but I'll be doing a post later this year showing (hopefully) my growing collection.
Here's what is just sitting on top of it. I'm a bit of an art geek so it's just houses some odds and ends of my work. There's also a stamp that says "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Pablo Picasso. Next is a piece of a baby quilt that my grandmother made for my older brother. He framed it for me as a Christmas gift, which meant a lot. The picture is of my sweetie Paisley who I miss so much.
Now onto the books...

On my top shelf sits the amazing Twilight Saga and some accompanying books that go with the series. I really need a book end so I won't have to use old balloon weights, but it'll do for now.
I couldn't get a full picture of the shelf so I took two. On the other side of the first shelf is just odds and ends books that don't really fit into my other shelves' categories.

The second shelf is the fantasy shelf! I don't really have them in any particular order, only if it's a series.

So this shelf is the YA realistic fiction/love story shelf. (I don't quite know how The Host got in there it's suppose to be on the first one, but anyways...) Once again no particular order, just that the same authors are kept next to each other.

Okay we all have those books that are inspirational and are kind of a reference to us. So this is that shelf. Not a lot, really random. All of them, but one (Dateable), are from my mom. As my collection grows the contents will probably change to more of my YA books.

And finally the last shelf holds the Harry Potter collection and in the striped box sits some magazines. I must say I adore that holder! It was only five dollars on clearance at Borders!
Okay so that's my bookshelf! Not a lot, but the next post will be longer and more detailed due to the fact that I'll definitely have more books by then. *crosses fingers*
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! See you tomorrow for In My Mailbox.