Holy Cow is that Edward Cullen?!

If you haven't already guessed I am a huge, let me repeat HUGE, fan of the Twilight Saga, both books and movies. Well anyway since that has been said, my friends and I were at our town's annual fair today and was presently surprised when I turned around and saw Edward Cullen! Okay so the thought of Edward being a fictional character and that Rob Pattinson coming to my small town is close to impossible didn't cross my mind at that moment, I was just looking for the shiny silver Volvo Edward brought to sweep me away in, but they were just impersonators.. duh, my mind quickly grasped that. Especially when I got closer and they didn't really look like the real Edward, Bella and Alice but they were so sweet! They were local actors that had a booth there to raise money for childhood cancer. I entered the raffle (unfortunately lost, but that's okay it was a good cause) and talked to "Bella" for a while, she was incredibly nice! Anyway onto the performance part... before they started their skit they had a trivia contest "Edward" chose five people to come on stage and whoever answered five questions correctly first won a prize basket of Eclipse stuff. Well, me being incredibly shy didn't want to go up on stage. Geez though, once those girls got up there I was squirmy in my seat! I was restraining myself from standing up and yelling, "COME ON! How do you not know this!?" Seriously some of the questions that were asked were what kind of car Bella drives, who told Edward Bella was dead, name all the Cullens; just easy stuff like that. The girls were so bad a TwiMom was in the audience and she was raising her hand like crazy when "Bella" would go to the audience when the girls on stage didn't know. So since the TwiMom got three in a row right they had her come up and she kicked the other girl's behinds. It was really funny, she sure showed them! I really regret now not going up!!

So the actors did a really short version of New Moon the Movie. It was about ten minutes and it started with Bella and Edward outside her house after the birthday disaster, then where Edward leaves, Alice coming back to Forks and then Italy. It was SUPER quick, but fun to watch.
Bella even did a "Oh who should I choose?! Jacob or Edward?" And of course everyone yelled out who she should choose, it was cute. At the end of the performance "Alice" said they didn't have a Jacob in their group, but that they literally just found him in a neighboring booth, and he REALLY looked like Taylor! She introduced him by pointing him out in the audience "Our Jacob, wearing the green shirt in the back!" My friends and I all turned frantically around looking for him behind us. Then we looked to our left and he was sitting right next to my friend. She flipped out! The entire night she was kept repeating he was sitting right next to me, ha! Of course she didn't know this until he got up and walked up on stage. It was really funny. "Alice" also informed us that the fair had forgotten their performance (how could they?! Really??) So they didn't have music and the sound was bad, but it was still really good.

It was a really fun experience and probably the closest I'll ever get to the actual Twilight Cast. Okay, so I put up some pictures from the performance and I apologize for the bad quality, they were taken with my phone.... no zoom. So the first picture is of Edward and Bella on her birthday when she asks for her kiss. The next is when Alice comes back to see if Bella is still alive. And the final one is when Edward and Bella reunite in Italy. Enjoy!



  1. haha that friend was ME! lol so much fun even though we were only there for like an hour lol : ) and the Jacob impersonator was so HOTT!

  2. haha you found my book blog fast! :) And yes it was a lot of fun!