Read-A-Thon Activity Day 4

Hosted By Teens Read & Write

1.) Is there at least one book on your growing TBR that has been there forever and (if you were honest) you could give up without to much trauma?
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

2.) What is your latest "Gotta Have It" book? (that you can get once you've given up that one in question #1)
Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey

3.) What are your classics - you're 'comfort books' that you never want to give up?
Twlight Saga, When It Happens, Perfect Chemistry, Leaving Paradise, Hush Hush & Sea Change

4.) What are your best tips for keeping that TBR in check?
Don't keep buying books or getting them from the library until your TBR is read. If you do, you'll keep getting distracted and never get to reading them.

Sorry I know this is a short blog post and I haven't done any of the other days in the Read-A-Thon, but I plan on catching up on them either Friday or Saturday. I have the ACT on Saturday, which explains my short, or lack there of blog posting. So as soon as that disaster is over I'll be back!


  1. I've got to get Guardian of the Dead. I've heard a lot of good things. Hush Hush is one of my 'classics' too!

  2. I was planning on waiting until Guardian of the Dead came out in paperback, but I just had to splurge and got it this weekend. It's so good! I definitley recommend it!