Friday's Finest 3

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I know I still haven't posted a book review yet and that is probably because I'm worried my reviews won't be written well. I really enjoyed The Clearing by Heather Davis, it was just amazing. So I would really like to do a review on that and numerous other books I've loved. So as soon as everything at school settles, my first review will be posted.

Now on to Fridays meme...
These are short quotes so I put two of them up...

"My dear, time is the one thing you should pay attention to. One day, you'll find there's never enough of it."
-Aunt Mae; The Clearing by Heather Davis

"No boy ever makes you special. You just are."
-Aunt Mae; The Clearing by
Heather Davis

Like I said very short, but also important to know. It left an impact on me so I thought I'd share. Check out this book for sure though, it's a timeless love story that's beautifuly told by Heather Davis.

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