Fifteen in 15

I found this meme on Shelly's Book ShelfLink and thought it would be interesting to relfect on some of the books that have stuck with me throughout the years; that left the biggest impact. These are listed in no particular order. So here are the rules...
This can be a quick one. Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

1) Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

2) Can't Get There From Here by Todd Strasser

3) Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

4) Hold Still by Nina LaCour

5) Willow by Julia Hoban

6) When It Happens By Susane Colasanti

7) Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

8) Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

9) Hush,Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

10) Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

11) The Wave by Todd Strasser

12) New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

13) Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

14) Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

15) Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo

The book that had the most impact on me was Perfect Chemistry due to the message that Elkeles puts into this amazing story of two completely different people crossing paths with one another. It's amazing how much of a facade people can put on just to protect themselves from the outside world, never really letting anyone in, which is something I can really relate to. I don't want to say too much because it will give away the amazing ending. I'll talk more about my opinions in my review coming Friday. It just needs some final touch ups then it will be posted. That way I'll actually have a review making this a definite YA review blog. :)

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